The Echo of Truth

Header of the Protestant weekley newspaper El Eco de la Verdad (the Echo of Truth).

After his expulsion from the Philippines, Castells' poor relationship with Spain was focused in the Protestant community in Catalonia. El Eco de la Verdad (the Echo of Truth) was the magazine published by his mentor Erik "Enrique" Lund, and on its pages Castells published his two translations into Catalan:

Salmo primero. 
Psalm 1, published in Protestant weekley newspaper El Eco de la Verdad (the Echo of Truth), issue 4,  4th January 1897.

Carta del Apóstol Sant Pau a’ ls Christians de Roma. Traducció directa del original grec. 
Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Christians in Rome. Direct translation from the Greek original, published in Protestant weekley newspaper El Eco de la Verdad (the Echo of Truth), issue 13,  2nd April 1897, then in issue 26 of the same newspaper, 2nd July 1897, and finally in a volume of uncertain year, dated by Biblioteca de Catalunya later than 1900 and by OCLC WorldCat around 1925.

F. de P. Castells also appears in some news:

Costa Rica – Our friend Castells was knocked over by a riot lead by a priest. The popists had taken some books from him and have burned them. Those books, fragments of the Holy Writ, had actually been authorized by the papal Church itself. They’re blind! Here it is right to say: «Father, forgive them for they know not what they do».

Extracts from a private letter: «We live two meters away from the rectory and two or three blocks from the church; too central, in my opinion. (...) This village is bigger than G. They call it in Spanish “La Tierra de las Brujas” (Witchland), so it must be well known among the superstitious. The priest is hurrying it up, as he is rehearsing songs with the harmonium and is preparing a novena where a friar will preach. This way they comfort themselves during the calamity which now menaces the village! We live on top of the dancing room (which has its piano). What else could they do on Sundays? Meetings begin tonight. (...) Regarding the aforementioned, shouldn’t our brethren pray for this unhappy village? May our brethren be invested, in a very special way, with the Power from Above. That is our most sincere wish».

Costa Rica – Our friend Castells writes among other things: «The Baptist work in Limon is progressing. During the last year there has been an increase of 20 members and the congregation has contributed to its maintenance with 65 pounds (1950 pesetas). Also, three chapels have been built in other places with funds collected all over the country, chiefly among foreign Protestants from the hinterland».
«In a little village -he says- I met a young Nicaraguan who is a Christian and works among his countrymen. We travelled together to the coast and celebrated some meetings in the open air. One of the most impressed listeners was the priest of San Juan del Sur, who then bought me a Bible (he had none) and he received us in his home, eager to know more».
«On my last journey… I have sold about 2500 copies of the Bible. An educated young man bought some copies of the Gospels in order to distribute them for free and he now asks for more, as he is aware of its value and he is not ashamed of Christ’s Gospel, as others are».

America – We do not have much news regarding the movement which aims to provide Gospels to Cubans, Filipinos and Puerto Ricans. We just know that the well known Dr. Richardson, now an Army Physician, will undertake the evangelical work. Another brother, presumably Francisco Castells, claims to be ready to return to Manila, where some years ago he was imprisoned by order of the friars for the crime of selling Bibles in Luzon. It is already time that the Gospel be taught in the Philippines.

Guatemala – We have known about Bro. Castells, who set up a stand in the Guatemala Exposition, where the Bible Society was awarded the gold medal. He was probably back in England at this time. We hope that, after some rest, he will be brave enough to return to far flung countries with the message of peace. We would not say such a thing if those who rule Spain would allow laws to be accomplished and stopped rejecting the Gospel and imprisoning those who proclaim it. Were there not such an inquisitorial spirit here, we would say: Come and stay with us!